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History of the West Lafayette United Methodist Church
From History and Records Committee resources including oral and written input from Lorena Sims and Betty Darr
Compiled by Jane Ann Eckelberry

The West Lafayette United Methodist Church can trace its heritage to two Methodist churches built in the 1800s, one a Methodist Protestant church and one a Methodist Episcopal church. In the early years of these churches meetings were held in private homes. The area may have been served at some earlier point by circuit riders.

The Methodist Protestants met in private homes beginning 1831 with the Methodist Protestant Society known as the Loos' Class. The Methodist Episcopal members met in area homes beginning in 1852.

Methodism in public buildings in this area began with the Methodist Protestant Society or Class meeting in the Loos Log School House east of West Lafayette on Cadiz Road, now State Route 751. In 1842 the Methodist Protestants built a chuch on the north side of Cadiz Road which was known as the Plains Chapel, Ferguson Church, or Brick Chapel Church. The Methodist Protestants met there until 1892 when they built what became known as the Main Street Church at the corner of Main Street and Gay Street in West Lafayette, Ohio.

The Methodist Episcopal members built a church at the northeast corner of Wall Street and now Russell Avenue in 1858 and later built at the southeast corner of Oak Street and now Russell Avenue in West Lafayette, Ohio. This church was known as the Trinity Church.

The Methodist Protestant, Methodist Episcopal, and AME became the Methodist Church in 1939, and the Main Street and Trinity Churches merged in 1958 to become the Methodist Church of West Lafayette. The Sanctuary, Phase 1 of the current building, was built at Union Avenue and Oak Street in 1962. Phase 2 added an Education Wing to the West Lafayette United Methodist Church in 1968. The Methodist Church, United Church of Christ, and Evangelical United Brethren became the United Methodist Church in 1969. The Family Christian Life Center, Phase 3, was consecrated in 2001.

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